Kodiak® Plus Cone Crusher Kidney Loop Kit

Johnson Crushers International, Inc. (JCI) has introduced a kidney loop kit that may be purchased and installed on the Kodiak® Plus cone crusher’s lubrication panel.

The kidney loop is a secondary filtration system that pulls oil from the lubrication reservoir, pushes it through a filter and sends it back to the tank. With relatively low flow rates and filter pressure, the kidney loop is less likely to cause filter bypass. The lower pressures also allow the filter element to hold more dirt, which in turn extends the life of the main filter. The kidney loop can run continuously, providing real-time filtration. It can be set up to run an additional four hours after the crusher is turned off to provide an extra level of lube oil conditioning.

Crusher systems built after 2014 already contain the kidney loop kit, as it was part of the new MILO software program. For older crushers, the kit can be retrofitted, but the new MILO system must be installed prior to the kit’s addition.

For more information about the kidney loop kit, contact Ian Pendergrass.

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