Updates to PTSC Screen Plants

Astec Mobile Screens, Inc. has added additional model sizes, multi-frequency technology and other improved features to its PTSC screening plants.

The PTSC line has been expanded to offer larger sized high frequency screens, up to twenty-four feet long or up to four decks, depending on the configuration. A new 5’ x 20’ multi-frequency option has also been added, which features a conventional top deck and high frequency bottom deck, inducing three times the energy of a conventional screen into material on the bottom deck.

Optional product cross conveyors, as well as fines discharge conveyors, are now available with the PTSC plant. These conveyors, along with optional blending gates, give producers the flexibility to separate or combine various products, depending on the producer’s needs. They also limit the amount of additional conveyors needed, making set up and transport quicker and more convenient.

Additional options have been added for efficient set up, including hydraulic run-on jacks and a removable axle. The jacks allow the plant to be lifted and run using on-plant hydraulics instead of manually lifting the plant, improving safety and convenience. The removable axle unbolts from the chassis, allowing the plant to be quickly set up in a stationary configuration.

The PTSC plant can be configured as a completely electric or electric-hydraulic plant. These units can also include additional electric starters, allowing producers to start and stop additional conveyors from one central location.

To learn more about PTSC screening plants, contact Patrick Reaver.

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