Rebuilding used and damaged equipment can be an excellent alternative when a replacement purchase is cost-prohibitive. Through its state-of-the-art Rebuild and Repair Centers, KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens offers a unique opportunity for producers to rebuild equipment to original factory specifications. 

Rebuilding an existing piece of equipment rather than buying new can save producers up to 30 percent, all while increasing uptime and production. We back our rebuild units with a standard six-month/1,000-hour warranty, providing producers with unparalleled peace of mind.

KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens adheres to the strictest rebuild criteria and offers unparalleled expertise and manufacturing capacity. Our highly-trained, experienced service professionals completely disassemble each unit until all that remains are individual components. Each part is inspected and assessed, and unsatisfactory parts are replaced or repaired. 

Major castings are weld-repaired and facture-repaired. Components are rebuilt, stress-relieved and re-machined back to their original specifications using state-of-the-art technology. When components are found to be outdated, KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens updates them. When a unit leaves the facility, it looks and operates like new.

Producers also have the opportunity to participate in our Core Exchange program, which offers a comparable rebuilt component or part in exchange for used trade-ins. This exchange program eliminates any lost time during the rebuild process and saves money associated with costly downtime. 

In addition to KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens’ own Kodiak® Plus and LS Cone Crusher, horizontal screens and Pioneer Jaw Crusher product lines, the Rebuild and Repair Center can also support many other brands. Our Rebuild and Repair Center is also capable of servicing portable and track-mounted units as well, from small steel repairs to major chassis rebuilds.

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